Alumni Network

Alumni Network

You’re going to go far, kid.

Advice for a freshman entering Penn State? One thing EON taught you?

Katherine Morgan
Chemical Engineering
Ingersoll Rand in Atlanta, GA / Technical Sales
Board: 2013-2015
Take advantage of every opportunity that the university has to offer! Penn State is known for having several opportunities concerning academics, research, internships, clubs, leadership positions, athletics, study abroad, etc. etc. I personally joined several engineering clubs and boards as well as co-oped/ interned five times! EON taught me that networking is key. You will learn that networking with professionals is vital in finding a career fit for you, but networking among peers and classmates will open several doors for you within college as well. Not only will you make great friends, but fantastic teammates for the future too. EON introduced me to new chemical engineers who ended up being my project partners senior year. Being involved in the leadership of EON also helps you meet fellow successful students with a passion for mentorship and leading.

Amy Bodnar
Chemical Engineering
Unilever / Associate Process Engineer
Board: 2013-2015
Use upperclassmen as resources! You can meet them by joining professional organizations for your major. They have been through the challenges of engineering and they can answer questions about what classes to take, internships and co-ops, and miscellaneous advice. EON has really taught me that if you put the time and effort in, you can make a huge impact. When I first started participating in EON, the organization was just getting started. In the past few years, we have been able to make the organization more beneficial for mentees, mentors, and sponsors. I’ve been lucky to work with EON board members that really worked hard to make all the changes possible!

Madison Temples
Biomedical Engineering
Ph.D. Pre-Candidate, University of Florida
Board: 2015
The best adivce I believe is to have a strong support group of friends. It is important to make reliable and long-lasting freindships with those in your classes in order to study and do work together. These friend groups will last throughout college and it is important to have friends that you can go to when you need helo and they can do the same. EON taught me many skills but I believe it taught me networking skills the best. I was able to form relationships with many other student in different majors, some with students who graduated before and some who graduated after. I was also able to netowrk with our sponsors and many different professors. As a director, I spent time with our adviser and form a relationship with him; I also spent time with the professors who spoke at some of our events.

Braden Garrison
Civil Engineering
Transportation Engineering Consulting / Staff Engineer
Board: 2015

Take every opportunity you get. Stand out as a leader and you will be noticed.

Ryan Burke
Aerospace Engineering
GKN Aerospace / Manufacturing Engineer, Leadership Development Program
Board: 2015

Meet as many people as you can. Your degree is valuable, but the friendships are priceless. Join every club that you have interest in. Networking is very important with your peers, professors, and especially potential employers. Find a mentor and be a mentor! You get out of it what you put in it.

Nick Gruber
Chemical Engineering
Naval Nuclear Laboratory at the Bettis Labs Site in West Mifflin, PA / Chemical Engineer
Board: 2013-2014
Get involved with clubs and take advantage of all the opportunities you can. Try something you’ve never done before but have always wanted to. Penn State is the perfect place to have those awesome experiences. I was involved in the first EON back in 2011, and the most important thing I learned from the experience was the importance of having a mentor who you can ask questions to and get advice from. You aren’t on your own as a freshman. There are tons of students and faculty who would love to help, and all you have to do is ask.

Rosemary Hwang
Architectural Engineering
SmithGroupJJR in Washington DC / Mechanical Engineer
Board: 2014

Get involved. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and explore. There’s plenty of resources around. Ask for help when you need it.

Cara Suni
Mechanical Engineering
GKN Driveline, International Graduate Programme in Redditch, England / HR
Board: 2014
Eat all the creamery ice cream you can!! No but on a serious note… Penn State is such a diverse and amazing place, make sure you use the time there to meet people that are different form you, learn new ideas & opinions, and try things you’ve never tried before. Learning about engineering isn’t the hard part – it’s learning about yourself that’s the challenge! As a part of EON I was the networking director which gave me a lot of exposure working with companies and networking with recruiters. This was great for me because it made me a lot more comfortable with recruiters and allowed me to network on behalf of EON and myself at the same time… this gave me a lot of confidence, and helped lead to my position with GKN post graduation.

Robert Chisena
Mechanical Engineering
Ph.D. Pre-Candidate, University of Michigan
Board: 2013
Enjoy being a freshman, make a lot of friends, work hard, play IM sports, and have as much fun as you can. How to be a leader and how to talk with people.