Orientation Day

Don’t panic. We’ve got your back.

The one-day orientation day is held the Sunday before classes being in August, and does not conflict with WEPO, MEPO, or SHOtime orientations. If you’re an incoming freshman at University Park in the College of Engineering, we are here for you. We provide different events throughout the day to get to know your mentors, fellow classmates, and Penn State. We’re sure they’ll be some self-discovery along the way too.

Engineering Acitivies Fair

There are a lot of clubs at Penn State. There are a lot of clubs for engineers. There are a lot of clubs for you to check out. How convenient they will all be here for you. We’ll bring together many popular clubs and student organizations in Kunkle Lounge for you to see. Learn about the many extracurricular activities tailored for engineering majors. There are links to some of these clubs to the right.

Design Competition

It is time to show us what you can do. We give you a challenge, and you engineer a solution. Also, it’s a good way to get a conversation going the rest of your team. Our sponsors will be present to judge and declare which team is victorious. Winners recieve a prize, so, it’s pretty serious. The design competition goal changes every year and is top secret. Like, there is life on Mars and the Titanic was a hoax, top secret.

Computer Session

When you come to Penn State, you come not only physically, but electronically. PSU has specific websites, email, and management systems. There are probably too many sites, so we will cover the most important ones and the tricks to keep them organized. We will probably go over some you have already heard about, like Canvas, Webmail, and eLiving, as well as the new Lionpath, but we will share the best way to use them.